Founded in 1988, Quosit operates in the field of industrial plant design.

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Discover the main clients we collaborate with and the projects we have completed.

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Quosit is certified in accordance with the current UNI EN ISO 9001 – Ed. 2015 (ISO 9001:2015) standards.

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The perfect solution for all types of Industrial Design.

Customized design and consulting

We create customized projects based on the specific needs of each client, ensuring optimal solutions in terms of efficiency and innovation.

Comprehensive Project Management

We handle every phase of the project, from planning to delivery, ensuring adherence to the established timelines and budget.

Construction Management and Testing

We provide construction management and testing services performed by qualified technicians to ensure the perfect operation of the system.

We Build Systems

We create “turnkey” systems of small and medium size, from feasibility study to construction and commissioning.

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We work with our partners to optimize project plans that not only ensure product perfection but also guarantee on-time delivery – crucial for success in a highly competitive market where every day matters.

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